Heros Journey with Orla Burchael

This workshop is Onsite 

Workshop Description:

Finding our path in these current times

This creative day retreat invites us to reflect on our life journey. Over the past number of years we all have found ourselves on a deeper journey within a journey. We are continually being called to make transitions in our personal lives and indeed on a societal level. What do you hope will be called forth in you? What do we hope will be called forth in us? How do you want to be? Who do we want to be in the midst of this?

We will draw on the tremendous resources of Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist Way’, Clarissa Pinkola Estees’ ‘Women who run with the Wolves’, Joanna Macy’s The Work that Reconnects and primarily Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’.

Joseph Campbell the renowned mythologist undertook a profound study of myths, legends and folktales across cultures and time. He discovered a template that appears in some form in all stories. He believed that there was only one Hero with an infinite number of faces. That is why stories speak so deeply to us, because the journey of the Hero is encoded in our DNA, our very souls. Stories can offer us a map to help us navigate our journey.

A Hero whether in myth or modern day is one who responds to a call and follows it. What is the call of this current time?

Our retreat day will involve a gentle quest to discover what that is and to enhance our wellness and creativity on this current path.
It is a personal journey drawing on practical creativity and reflection to resolve the significant challenges of the current times.
On this retreat we will facilitate using movement, drama, stories, Stillness, creative visualisation, mindfulness and compassion practices, journaling, drawing and silence.
Orla Burchael
Michael McCabe

Day & Date: Saturday, 11th March 2023

Time: 10am-1.00pm

Price: €35.00

  About The Facilitator


    • Orla trained as a clinical psychologist and drama-therapist and also as a community creative dance teacher. Somatic studies and authentic movement has been another area of exploration. Currently she works as are habitation and wellness facilitator in the area of mental health.


    • Meditation and mindfulness have been important to Orla as far back as she can remember. However it was 30 years ago as a psychology student that she began to meditate more formally. For many years she wished to integrate her practice into her work. Fortunately in the last few decades as science and mindfulness have come into a beautiful and fruitful dialogue, this became possible.


    • This development brought Orla to train as an MBSR and MBCT teacher with the German Institute for Mindfulness based Approaches. She also completed her training as a mindfulness – based compassionate living (MBCL) teacher with the same institute. 


    • Further training includes the practicum in mindfulness- based stress reduction with Saki Santorelli and Florence Meleo Meyer from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She has completed a foundational teacher training in Mindful Eating / Conscious Living with Jan Chozen Bays and is a mindful self compassion teacher having trained with Christopher Germer and Kristen Neff. She also has an interest in neuroscience and has attended professional training in Positive neuroplasticity with Rick Hanson. She is currently a teacher in training with Tai Chi Your Way ( Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association ) and trained as a taoist meditation teacher and as a quantum coherence therapist with the same association. Orla attends regular retreats in Dzogchenbeara and has a particular interest in compassion and loving kindness practices and has attended a number of retreats with Sharon Salzberg. All of these experiences have enhanced Orla’s working and personal life and renewed her desire to share the many benefits of a mindful and compassionate approach to living. 

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