Mudras and Mantras in Yoga Practice 

This workshop is Onsite

Workshop Description:

Have you been doing some type of Yoga before and never fully understood the meaning of Mudras and Mantras?

These are powerful elements of our yoga practice but on a normal yoga class we hardly ever have the time to incorporate this knowledge to a regular class structure.
Now is the time to fully understand the mantras and mudras basics and how can you use them in your own practice.

Learn the true meaning of mudras. Understand the use of various mudras and how to increase their effectiveness by incorporating them with correct yoga posture, breathing and mental intention.

The fundamentals of yoga mudras: understanding “mudra” meaning in a way that can help you relate how it works on a subtle body level.

The working mechanism of mudras, based on the concept of Pancha Tattva (ether – akasha, air -vayu, water – jala, fire – agni, and earth – prithvi)  and Pranas which our vital energy

Different types of mudras used in yoga (hasta mudras, kaya mudras, aadhara mudras, mana mudras etc.)

We will learn and put into practice:

How to prepare yourself before sitting up for mudra practice (posture, breathing, hand and finger exercises)

Practice five elements’ mudras and explanation each mudra’s benefits and use.

Explanation of five pranas and their connection with mudras

Mantras related to Mudras and Yoga practices and understanding their meaning and physical, mental effect on the body. 

Day & Date: Saturday, 25th November

Time: 11am – 3pm

Price: €42

About The Facilitator


    • Nikki is a qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer, Neuro Muscular therapist, yoga, and Pilates instructor since 2010. Nikki also completed the dietitian course in 2011 in DCU via the National training College.
      She has been actively teaching various classes in the past 10 years in different locations around Dublin.
      She deepened her Yoga and Meditation skills in the past 5 years by completing Kundalini Yoga, Mantra meditation teacher courses in Samadhi Yoga School. She practices meditation and yoga daily. Her passion is to bring gentle movement and yoga with breathing back into everyday life as preparation for meditation. 

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