Spring Chakra Cleansing Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Nikki

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Workshop Description: 

We all love a New Years Resolution that involves eating better, exercising more and maybe organising our life better. Whether it is a clean and tidy house or a new year, new me health regime this workshop will boost your Spring Cleanse to the next level.

Traditional Kundalini yoga is strictly based on the energy centres known as Chakras.

Cleansing them, powering them, aligning, and balancing them have huge physical and emotional changes in our life.
Our lower 3 chakras can be responsible for any illness or sickness that we may have or have inherited.  Aligning these energy centres along with using other eastern and western medications and treatments allows the body to heal and can contribute positively to curing the disease. It also helps to keep us fit, healthy, young and energised in our daily lives.

Our upper chakras represent our spiritual world and our connection to God, Higer Self, the universe, whatever you wish to call it. These chakras can affect our lower chakras on a large scale, and this is what is known as “Mind over Matter”
Cleansing and balancing these energy centres will help you to think more clearly, worry less and help your body recover faster from any illness. These chakras will also help us to live a life with a free mind that can think clearly and help us stay connected to our higher purpose.

We put huge emphasis into working with our heart chakra. This is the bridge between our physical and spiritual body. This bridge is often blocked or closed mainly because we live in a world that doesn’t allow us to Love and Trust anyone or anything unconditionally. Clearing this energy centre will help energy to flow as well as let go of emotional attachments and clear emotional blockages that you may have held on in the past.

In the Ancient Traditional yoga practices, they developed yoga movements called Asanas, breathing techniques called Pranayama, hand gestures called Mudras and Chanting called Mantras in a particular sequence that help to cleanse all the 7 energetic centres of the body and let the natural energy flow and furnish your body with vitality.

In this workshop you will learn briefly about these energy centres and their characteristics to help identify your own imbalances. Then we will apply the ancient practice to fully cleanse the energetic body. By the end of the practice, you will feel not just energised and uplifted but also a sense of release.

After this workshop you will be able to use the practice you learn to cleanse and balance your chakras.



  • Do you have any physical pain — especially chronic pain that doesn’t ever seem to go away entirely?
  • Do you have pain that specifically affects the spine, neck, shoulders, or head?
  • Are you often moody?
  • Have you ever been diagnosed with depression?
  • Are you fearful of being alone?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping?
  • Has your self-esteem and confidence been suffering?
  • Have you recently found yourself being overly critical of yourself or others?

If you answered yes to at least four of these questions, it may be time to open and align your chakras.


Day & Date: Saturday, 17th February 2024

Time: 11am – 2pm

Price: €37

About The Facilitator

    • Nikki is a qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer, Neuro Muscular therapist, yoga and Pilates instructor since 2010
    • Nikki also completed the dietitian course in 2011 in DCU via the National training Collage.
    • Nikki has been actively teaching various classes in the past 10 years in various locations around Dublin.
    • Nikki deepened her Yoga and Meditation skills in the past 5 years by completing Kundalini Yoga and Mantra meditation teacher courses in Samadhi Yoga School.
    • Nikki practices daily meditation and a variety of yoga practices on the daily basis. Her passion is to bring gentle movement and yoga with breathing back into the everyday life as preparation for meditation.  

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