Medicinal Mushrooms and their Therapeutic effect

This workshop is Onsite

Workshop Description

Mushrooms…feared and loved, misunderstood and underrated medicine and superfood…
Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Shiitake, Lion’s mane have been used for centuries. They have
been on the Earth far longer than humans, animals or any plant. Thanks to their unique structure,
they do not belong to a plant category, they have a Kingdom of their own – Fungi.

Modern medicine often uses their therapeutic effect, especially in Japan, Korea or China. The old
Egyptians considered mushrooms sacred species, because they were aware of the fact that their
ingestion may prolong their life. The Reishi, Linghzi in Chinese, means ’’Mushroom of Immortality’’.
In the past, the emperors were the only ones who were rich enough to pay for this longevity miracle.
Today, Reishi is accessible to all of us, why not use it?

Climate in Ireland may seem to be tough, but its wet conditions are a paradise for mushrooms. Have
you ever noticed a variety of mushrooms growing on the tree stumps, on the meadows, in the parks
or in a forest? Did you know that the White Button mushrooms or Turkey tail mushrooms that are
growing so close to you are powerful medicines?

Have you ever come across clinical trials that validate their therapeutic effect? If you haven’t, join me
for an evening worksop to discover what the medicinal mushrooms are, when and how to safely use
them. You don’t have to fear the mushrooms!

Day & Date: Friday, 8th September  2023

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Price: €35

About The Facilitator

  • Renata is a practitioner of traditional Western Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Reflexology, and Indian Head Massage, based in Dublin.
  • With a Holistic philosophy, she combine Herbal Medicine with hands-on therapies to accomplish maximum benefit.
  • As she grew up in rural Central Europe, wild-crafted plants for food and medicine were part of my everyday life. Through her practice, she`d like to encourage people to reconnect with Nature and rediscover their own potential.

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