Embodied Yoga with Anna 8 Week Course May 2024

This course is Onsite

Course Description:

Embodied Yoga focuses on strengthening your connection with yourself, increasing your ability to feel and experience yourself from within.  

In each class, we will explore the various layers of our being (the 5 koshas) through meditation, mantra, pranayama (breathing techniques), asana practice (yoga poses) and relaxation (savasana). 

In each class, we practise creating balance between the solar and lunar energies within our being, solar energy being the more activating one and the lunar energy being the more nourishing and calming one. 

Through yogic practices, you are invited to listen and feel into your body so that you can create more harmony, balance and resilience from within and tap into your inherent wisdom.  

The 5 koshas 

  • Annamaya kosha (physical body)  
  • Pranamaya kosha (energy body) 
  • Manomaya kosha (mind body)
  • Vijnanamaya kosha (wisdom body) 
  • Anandamaya kosha (bliss body) 

In Embodied Yoga we work on strengthening the physical body while creating lots of space for self-inquiry, introspection and relaxation. The body is our gateway to connecting with the more subtle aspects of our being, to understanding ourselves and our place in the world. 

Each class is sprinkled with a little bit of yoga philosophy so that you have the opportunity to connect with the essence of your true nature and apply the teachings in your daily life. 


  • helps to relieve physical tension and stiffness
  • builds physical strength and flexibility
  • improves cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, skeletal and muscular systems 
  • supports our hormonal balance including menstrual health  


  • it soothes the nervous system helping to manage stress and contributing to build a state of inner peace and harmony
  • It helps to develop more self-awareness contributing to how we view ourselves and the world around us 
  • increases emotional and mental resilience 
  • improves focus and concentration
  • helps with managing anxiety
  • helps to improve body image


  • increases the amount of prana (vital life force ) which in turns helps to improve vitality
  • creates space to tune into our energy, which in turn can help us recognise energy shifts within our being allowing space for more connection with oneself, others and our experiences 


  • increases our inner wisdom, intuition  
  • helps us tap into our true essence, our personal truth 
  • helps us develop connection with our spirit, our heart 
  • increases ability to experience compassion, love and appreciation in life 

This course is mixed levels and variations and modifications will be given to suit everyone. 

Day & Date: Monday 13th May 2024 to 8th July (excluding June Bank Holiday) 

Duration:week course

Time: 6.45pm to 8.15 pm

Price: €100

About The Facilitator

    • Anna is a qualified Yoga Teacher with over 700 hours of yoga teacher training including traditional Hatha Yoga, meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, pregnancy yoga, mom & baby yoga, hormone yoga, well women yoga and trauma-informed yoga.   
    • Anna is a Menstrual Cycle Coach, Coach & Facilitator with focus on raising awareness about the menstrual cycle, cultivating connection with our natural rhythms and living more mindfully and intuitively. 
    • Anna is currently undergoing training in Compassionate Inquiry (based on teachings of Gabor Mate), a psychotherapeutic approach to support healing of trauma 
    • Anna works both with groups and with individuals. 
    • Anna is a daily practitioner of yoga, meditation through traditional techniques as well as through creativity and by connecting with nature. She also has been a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism (Mahayana) since 2011. 

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